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We made it, we made it to 2022!!!! And I know for the next few months we all will be writing or typing 2021 lol !!! Anywho on a serious note, I feel we always go into the new year expecting to change right away . But have we never think realistically with our goals. Each year I go into the New Year saying what can I do better this year, how can I be better than I was last year. Last year was a complete roller coaster from giving birth, removing toxic energy from around me, family death and so much more. I silently fought so many battles but I made sure to not lose any of them. This year is all about ACCOUNTABILITY and staying CONSISTENT!

I hear people say I want this house, I will get that new job, new car in everything in between. But what are you doing to get all of that. Let’s work harder for what we want. I believe we hold ourselves back on our own and we think oh well maybe next year. Let’s change our mindset work towards that goal and get the job done. I love seeing other people win let 2022 be the year you master the goals for not only for you but your children, your family and so on. Happy New Year guys May this year be a blessing to you and your family

With Love, Shondra

PS: I know I’m a little late on posting on my blog but I would love to hear from you guys what would you like to see more from me! Topics, fashion and so on.

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