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It’s Friday!

Today I woke up and I was extremely tired due to all the extraness I had going on the evening before but I’m up and well. I normally wake up early to get my girls ready for school even though I did wake them up once my alarm sounded and I went straight back to my bed not realizing I would fall back to sleep (don’t act like this hasn’t happened to you lol) Once I realized I need to get the girls together I walk to their room finding them still sleep as well. Now at this moment I’m thinking they will be late and about to start rushing but I then realized it’s okay to REST, it’s okay to take a BREAK and so forth even with your children. We are always talking about as parents that we need a break but don’t realize our kids deserve just as much of a break as we do. My children are in extracurricular activities so not only am I busy they are too. And with the way schools are setup these days that is enough STRESS as well. I know one day may not be enough but we all deserve to be Refreshed and Renewed. My top priority has always been to make sure my kids feel good about themselves including daily affirmations, mental health days and so on. As parents we can carry all the worry, stress and everything in between but we also want to make sure we don’t spill that over to our children. I know this is a short blog post but I had this on my mind and I truly hope you loved reading.

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